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Come be a part of our world class (and incredibly playful) team.


  • Lee Mayer
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Lee Mayer

    At Havenly I... eat doritos, drink wine, and pretend to know what I'm doing.

  • Jessie Dixon
    Jessie Dixon

    At Havenly I... take care of the details while being the butt of jokes.

  • Gabe Hesse
    Gabe Hesse

    At Havenly I... drink coffee, shepherd bits, and eat hot dogs. I'm very busy and important.

  • Emily Motayed
    Emily Motayed

    At Havenly I... suggest outlandish ideas (like Dogvenly - Havenly for Dogs... or Havenly in Space!!!!)

  • Abbie
    Abbie Wade

    At Havenly I... keep the people happy.

  • Angela
    Angela Hayes

    At Havenly I... put out fires on the daily and drink cortados like it's my job.

  • Amy
    Amy Maher

    At Havenly I... look up to everyone.

  • Ashton
    Ashton Honnecke

    At Havenly I... break things that are fixed, and fix things that are broken; but fix more things than I break... on average.

  • Blair
    Blair Madole

    At Havenly I... make sure there is always money in the banana stand.

  • Cass
    Cassie Holdridge

    At Havenly I... am the queen of promo codes and discounts. #shoptillyoudrop.

  • Erica
    Erica Wegeler

    At Havenly I... spend my day staring at google calendar longer than I'd like to admit.

  • Kylee
    Kylee Trunck

    At Havenly I... make everything look pretty.

  • Katy
    Katy Sweeney

    At Havenly I... keep everyone happy! :)

  • Jason
    Jason Fox

    At Havenly I... wear hats (up to 3), including a wizard's cap, a sequin fedora, and a faux raccoon hat. I also write copy and build content strategies. :)

  • Leigh
    Leigh Buck

    At Havenly I... spend my days visualizing our digital product + brand and get really excited about champagne-flavored gummy bears - yum!

  • Meghan
    Meghan Fane

    At Havenly I... run ecommerce - i.e. slanging furniture online.

  • Mya
    Mya McDuffie

    At Havenly I... give everyone dirty looks.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Miller

    At Havenly I... write madlibs, make cocktails, and find new team members.

  • Shelby
    Shelby Girard

    At Havenly I... find pretty things and spend your money!

  • Susannah
    Susannah Wardlow

    At Havenly I... wrangle cats, slay tickets, and make the people happy.

  • Westin
    Westin Shafer

    At Havenly I... am responsible for making sweeping changes to the website which provides many hours of frustration and headaches to the product and QA teams.