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Industrial Style

Exposed steel, leather accents, and hardware accessories define industrial designs. Explore the interior designers who can bring industrial style into your home.


Industrial Designers 


Industrial Style

Mariana Gutierrez
Available in 3 weeks
My passion is to create spaces characterized by a clean, functional, and timeless approach that emphasizes practicality, personal style, and understated elegance. I also love adding a pop of color to accentuate some statement furniture.
Marcela Lopez
Available in 4 weeks
I love to create unusual and personalized spaces with unexpected details, mixing glam and a clean aesthetic design to create a comfortable, familiar and stylish interior.
Sofia Gomez
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic must be farmhouse contemporary with lots of neutral tones and natural lighting.
Diego Rosales Castillo
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite styles are Modern and contemporary. I believe that we are living in a period where things change so fast. That’s why I like elegant and modern spaces. I like to play with textures, play with colors and make monochromatic designs and I want to make a timeless space that you will love for a while. I´m very opened mind and I can make any other style and I am not afraid of using colors if needed
Claire Nash
Available in over a month
I love all aesthetics, but I would have to choose a clean, contemporary space with lots of texture and patterns!
David Cavazos
Available in over a month
I like finishing touches that mix raw materials like wood, concrete, exposed brick, neutral balanced tones, and bold accent colors in a piece with functional furniture, geometrical forms, minimal decor, and natural plants to balance the room.
Agustina Quinones
Available in over a month
My favorite interior design style is Modern Midcentury because of the harmonious and balanced palette of colors it offers, as well as the use of natural elements that add a sense of calmness and sensitivity to a space. To enhance the warmth and welcoming atmosphere, I love to incorporate elements of Bohemian style, which introduce pops of color and textures. The combination of these styles creates spaces with a perfectly cozy and inviting ambiance.
Vanessa Palma
Available in over a month
Adore minimalist interior design—clean lines, ample lighting, and functional spaces. Creating a welcoming warmth for shared moments with family and friends is key.
Dayana Quintero
Available in over a month
A mix of these styles: Scandinavian - Industrial -Mid Century
Candace Starks
Available in over a month
The design aesthetic that I most identify with would have to be Mid-Century Modern! I simply enjoy the ability to go back into the past - of the future. This style was ahead of it's time implementing that "futuristic" look with abstract artwork, saturated colors, peg legs, etc. This style is purposeful, making every aspect of the space have function with minimalism.
Austin Frost
Available in over a month
I absolutely love anything cozy, inviting, and relaxing! My favorite spaces to design are nurseries, kid's rooms, play rooms, etc! I love creating spaces for them to build their imagination and grow!
Faith Ize-Iyamu
Available in over a month
I love a lot of interior design aesthetic, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be glam.