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Farmhouse Style

Classic farmhouse style brings feelings of warmth and comfort with both functional and formal elements. Explore the interior designers who can bring the rustic farmhouse designs into your home.


Farmhouse Designers 


Farmhouse Style

Maria Barajas
Available in 2 weeks
Personally, I love natural lights, pops of color, and textures. Everything that tells a story immediately catches my attention. I would say my style is natural, eclectic, and thrifty. With items collected around the world, mixing different cultures and shapes to create a unique aesthetic for each person.
Samantha Burgess
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design is coastal. I love the use of natural color palettes, and materials. It also allows me to be creative in making a functional indoor/outdoor space.
Maria Milne
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic falls somewhere between rustic, global and modern. I love to use natural design elements with rich colors & texture. It provides a lot of depth and visual interest in a room.
Maria Camila Monroy
Available in 3 weeks
Color is my favorite design aesthetic as it has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and create unique moods. When working with color, I think beyond just bold shades and explore the entire spectrum, including neutral tones and monochromatic schemes. To me, color is a language that communicates with clients and evokes certain emotions and feelings. It allows me to express my creativity and make each design unique, making color a vital aspect of my design philosophy.
Paola Mercado
Available in 3 weeks
I'm all into a mix between Classic, Contemporary, and Farmhouse! But I don't really define my style by a specific one because I usually work with the perfect mix that can suit the client best. And not only the client but the space we already have. I love to work with neutrals and sometimes with color accents, layers of texture, and statement pieces! I adore working with clean shaped and functional objects that match the owner's personality and that stay true to the space.
Hui Sun
Available in 3 weeks
I love to create spaces to make the occupants feel homey and reflect "who you are". With the knowledge of Feng Shui, I appreciate harmonious spaces that could balance aesthetics and usability between the occupants, the furniture, and the living environment.
Morgan Hepper
Available in 3 weeks
I am inspired by the natural elements found in nature where I live – surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and grasslands. This is why I love the modern farmhouse style, and coastal style. Both design styles add natural elements, bring the outdoors inside, and give me a sense of calm, airy, and cheerful atmosphere indoors.
Carolina Carrizosa
Available in 3 weeks
Clean and open spaces that help keep the mind at ease. Elements like eco-friendly natural materials, balanced color palettes, greenery, and comfortable lighting.
Maria LLeras
Available in 3 weeks
I personally like the styles that bring natural elements or references to nature into the space, such as Scandinavian, Farmhouse, and Midcentury Modern.
Sarah McConnell
Available in 4 weeks
I especially love Modern farmhouse and rustic designs with a flash of Bohemian. Creating spaces where everyone can feel comfortable and cozy through design is my passion because if clients have a space in which they can be entirely themselves, they will feel more grounded and fulfilled in life.
Tatiana Hurtado
Available in 4 weeks
Even though my designs follow an eclectic style, I love incorporating organic pieces, pops of color and textures, that adapt depending on the environment and space. I focus on the client’s requirements to offer proposals according to their needs and contribute to create comfortable, functional and aesthetic proposals.
Loren McEllin
Available in 4 weeks
I love bold, textured, and mismatched just as much as I see the joy in neutrals, buttery edges and calm. On a Monday I may be knee-deep in a Mid-century room and by Thursday I'm all about Industrial Farmhouse. I love the diversity of design--hence why I'm here.