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Luxe fabrics and lots of shimmer - what’s not to love about glam interior design? Explore the interior designers who can bring glam style into your home.


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Glam Style

Katerina Nunez
Available this week
More than an aesthetic, it's a vibe and that completely depends on my client's personality; what parts of themselves they want to express and how they want to feel in each area of their home.
Sorraya Guillaume
Available in 3 weeks
I usually love to work with neutral palettes. But, I never hesitate to add in a bit of color when I get a chance, or when the occasion calls for it. I also love to choose one or two key pieces in a room to enhance the space. That's where my professional design experience comes in.
Abigail Pomsztein
Available in 3 weeks
Modern, Glam and Scandinavian are my favorite design aesthetics - I love the combination of delicate patterns with soft colors, and modern finishes that go into these styles. And lately, I'm so into Japandi. I love the mix between the modern lines of Scandinavian design with the neat, functional, elegance of the Japanese aesthetic.
Ana Arcanjo
Available in 3 weeks
Combining glamour and coastal vibes is where I thrive. As a designer, I draw inspiration from the captivating beauty of the Brazilian coastline, where I spent my whole life. The glimmering ocean, the warm sandy beaches, and the breezy coastal ambiance have shaped my design aesthetic, infusing it with a sense of effortless elegance and a touch of tropical allure. By blending glamorous elements with coastal influences, I create spaces that exude sophistication and tranquility.
Faith Ize-Iyamu
Available in 3 weeks
I love a lot of interior design aesthetic, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be glam.
Lisa Smith
Available in 4 weeks
My personal design aesthetic has changed over the years. I have always loved mid century modern and modern clean lines - that has not changed! However my work experience has pushed me to see the beauty in very traditionally designed spaces. Now, I love and can appreciate all design aesthetics whether they match my personal tastes or not.
Nicole Bretall
Available in 4 weeks
I love an eclectic, unique space with a solid foundation of transitional and classic furniture pieces. Then personalize the space with touches of glam, coastal, preppy, bohemian, or any design style!
Marcela Lopez
Available in 4 weeks
I love to create unusual and personalized spaces with unexpected details, mixing glam and a clean aesthetic design to create a comfortable, familiar and stylish interior.
Chanel Black
Available in 4 weeks
I love a mix of Midcentury modern pieces with natural elements, but there must always be a little bit of sparkle. Something that will catch your eye and make the room feel more elegant. Classic clean lines coupled with a mixture of textures and a little glam are what make me swoon.
Sharon Arteaga
Available in 4 weeks
I get a lot of inspiration by the shapes that modern design can offer to a space, I love that feeling of order in the room that we can get with modern furniture... but to be honest I like all styles, I think that each one has particular story to tell us...
Christopher Hernandez
Available in 4 weeks
Hi, I’m Christopher, a designer from Mexico, and I would love to have the opportunity to design any space for you. Getting to know you is very important to me because it’s essential to know about your lifestyle and your needs, so I can provide the best design. I believe you should love your rooms and everything in them.
Rachel Easdon
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design Aesthetic is having a good balance of patterns, textures, sizes, and furniture pieces to make the space beautiful and create the best functionality for everyday life. I believe that every detail in a room provides uniqueness and personality. I love mixing crisp white with grey and adding pops of color along with natural woods with some glam aspects. I strive to create designs that are timeless.