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Midcentury Modern Style

Minimalist lines meet natural shapes in mid-century modern design. Explore the interior designers who can bring this style into your home.


Midcentury Modern Designers 


Midcentury Modern Style

Arely Carrillo
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Midcentury Modern because it incorporates natural elements like wood, plants, and light, all those things are known to make people feel good, I love that about interior design in general, someone can feel good by the elements in a space.
Alejandro Bravo
Available in 3 weeks
Modern tendencies are usually what I prefer for any variety of space. I love entering a room and feeling right away the elegance of any modern aesthetic, without taking away its practicality and coziness!
Jimena Michel
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Bohemian and Midcentury Modern.
Karina Ramos Dominguez
Available in 3 weeks
I love to use clean lines and neutral colors, but if the space requires something different I have no problem with adapting to it.
Maria Barajas
Available in 3 weeks
Personally, I love natural lights, pops of color, and textures. Everything that tells a story immediately catches my attention. I would say my style is natural, eclectic, and thrifty. With items collected around the world, mixing different cultures and shapes to create a unique aesthetic for each person.
Trenton Jones
Available in 3 weeks
Midcentury Modern and Traditional are tied for my favorite aesthetic(s). I love the complete opposite ends of the design spectrum that each represents; Midcentury Modern leans towards being architecturally bold and graphic, while Traditional has a classic and comfortable sensibility, but both incorporate playful nods to the past.
Claire Sapone
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is transitional. I love blending modern-classic pieces that set the foundation of a space mixed with new styles to create a fresh feel to a room with a grounded base! I appreciate the balance of sleekness and comfort where my love for both old and new come together in harmony.
Jaime Robinson
Available in 3 weeks
Midcentury Modern & Farmhouse are my favorite design aesthetic. I love the simple design and clean lines mixed with the history of found items. I like to have fun with some Bohemian colors & Global vibes to show where you've been and have your home tell your story.
Nicole Mena
Available in 3 weeks
There's nothing better than a cozy inviting space that feels like home! My favorite design aesthetic is bohemian because of the lines, patterns, textiles, and that pop of green with plants that gives the room authenticity and life. I also like modern and contemporary styles.
Montserrat Garcia Pineda
Available in 3 weeks
I love to combine different patterns and textures to create interesting and well-balanced atmospheres. Also, I like to use neutral colors to generate clean and cozy environments, but at the same time, I think incorporating pops of color into the design can result in very beautiful spaces.
Julie Janney
Available in 3 weeks
I think my favorite design style is Midcentury Modern. I love mixing warm woods with bold accent colors and lighter textures. I think the strong simple lines that accompany this particular design style are appealing and timeless.
Andrea Rios Hernandez
Available in 3 weeks
I love neutral and bright palettes adding elements and vibrant colors to create unique and cozy spaces.