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Bohemian Style

Bohemian (or boho) room decor features rich patterns, vibrant colors, and layered textiles. Explore the interior designers who can bring bohemian style into your home.


Bohemian Designers 


Bohemian Style

Priscila Escoto
Available next week
I love the Midcentury Modern style, it´s such a simple but beautiful style with incredible textures, the incorporation of natural elements, and amazing furniture.
Daniela Mondragon Rascon
Available next week
Midcentury modern is my top favorite i love the simplicity and functionality of objects that give accent to a room and makes it look like frozen in time. My other favorite is farmhouse because it gives you the chance to create a cozy environment and play with textures and materials.
Cinthia Campos
Available next week
I'm up to any kind of style, my personal is a modern farmhouse, minimalistic, or contemporary, with natural colors and lots of natural brightness, I enjoy very much going out of my comfort zone and trying different styles, and a mix of colors and textures.
Natalia Gutierrez
Available next week
Mid-century Modern is my favorite aesthetic, not only for its practicality but also because it is timeless, cozy yet elegant.
Kimberly Wilcox Stewart
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is definitely the use of color. Something as simple as a can of paint can truly transform an entire room in no time. Color also sets the mood for a room whether it's dark and moody or light and airy.
Rosana Bassi
Available next week
As a design lover, it's hard to box me under one style. I enjoy playing with scale, colors, patterns, and textures. A mix between Bohemian and Eclectic could describe me the best.
Julia Mari N. De Lima
Available next week
I love spaces that have the ability to express exactly who we are. I like to use colors to give joy and high spirits to the environment, I like to use wood and natural materials.
Lindsey Livingston
Available next week
When it comes to design, my favorite aesthetic would have to be creating an illusion and elevating a space with texture. Whether that's making a space feel more prominent with the proper use of color or creating a visually pleasing space by using movement and pattern. I love spaces that are welcoming and spark feelings!
Peter Boghdady
Available next week
A home should be as invigorating as it is comforting.
Alycia Towler
Available in 2 weeks
Definitely eclectic, I love mixing patterns and textures. Bright, saturated colors mixed with natural elements like bamboo and rattan can really give a room character and make it comfortable.
Paola Victoria Meneses Flores
Available in 2 weeks
I love too many styles and always like to learn more and put them into practice, but I feel comfortable with Farmhouse, Midcenturymodern, modern and minimalist, because of the meaning of less is more, without leaving aside the beauty in pure elements and the combination of colors that can be achieved in each of these styles, besides being able to put a personal touch, which is what we want to achieve in each project.
Bibi Gamboa
Available in 2 weeks
If I have to choose one, I would say bohemian, it gives me the chance to use natural fabrics and a lot of greenery which I love!

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