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Christina Nickerson
Available in 2 weeks
Cozy, Clean, Calming. Something that makes your space comfortable and inviting.
Erin Kragel
Available in 2 weeks
I prefer a Timeless design with Organic and Contemporary influences. Also, I'm an outdoorsy girl, so I love to create designs that are influenced by the outdoors using earth tones and lots of organic natural elements like woods, stone, and plants balanced with lots of natural lighting and white walls to open up the space paired with contrasting black accents.
Maria Camila Monroy
Available in 2 weeks
Color is my favorite design aesthetic as it has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and create unique moods. When working with color, I think beyond just bold shades and explore the entire spectrum, including neutral tones and monochromatic schemes. To me, color is a language that communicates with clients and evokes certain emotions and feelings. It allows me to express my creativity and make each design unique, making color a vital aspect of my design philosophy.
Francina Pagliano
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetics are minimal, modern, and contemporary. Less is more.
Elisa Aguirre
Available in 2 weeks
Personally, one of my favorite styles is the Japandi because its soft color palette gives a sophisticated sensation and creates a peaceful state of mind to be at ease after a long day, which sometimes can be overwhelming, and coming home means coming to a safe place. However, I think every style is special because of how it reflects the personality of the person and the joy it gives to their lives feeling comfortable and happy in their home.
David Cavazos
Available in 3 weeks
I like finishing touches that mix raw materials like wood, concrete, exposed brick, neutral balanced tones, and bold accent colors in a piece with functional furniture, geometrical forms, minimal decor, and natural plants to balance the room.
Emilee Osiowy
Available in 3 weeks
Good design should have personality, be a reflection of you, and tell a story. That's why I am often drawn to a bohemian/global style. Bohemian designs utilize gorgeous statement pieces sourced from the most interesting places. They transport you back to that amazing place in the world just by being in them.
Alyssa Baginski
Available in 3 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Modern with a bit of an eclectic vibe. I like to incorporate elements of other design styles like Midcentury or Bohemian for a more unique feel.
Constanza Guinart
Available in 3 weeks
As a designer, I believe in being versatile. However, I have a special appreciation for clean lines, neutral tones, and natural touches in interior design, such as Minimal and Coastal styles. I find these elements create a timeless, sophisticated, calming, and inviting look.
Veronica Larragoity
Available in 3 weeks
I love neutrals and whites and I like to use blushes of color on decoration. Sometimes I like to get risky mixing colors on walls and furniture.
Angela Freeman
Available in 3 weeks
At present, I love bohemian, eclectic, global, and vintage-inspired spaces. There's something extra special about creating the perfect mix of old and new, familiar and unexpected! That said, my aesthetic is rooted in all things natural and organic. Integrity of materials - showcasing quality and beauty in things like wood grain and woven fibers - is at the core of my work.
Macarena Astun
Available in 3 weeks
I love a space that feels welcoming and cozy. I like working with clean lines, neutral colors, organic shapes, and different textures. These elements combined will give a sense of comfort and purity. I also think wood and greenery are essential in making a space feel homey.