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Blair Noble
Available next week
Classic, Coastal, Boho .Fresh fun spaces combining beauty and function!
Abigail Pomsztein
Available in 2 weeks
Midcentury Modern, Coastal, and Scandinavian are my favorite design aesthetics - I love the combination of delicate patterns with soft colors, and modern finishes that go into these styles. And lately, I'm so into Japandi. I love the mix between the modern lines of Scandinavian design with the neat, functional, elegance of the Japanese aesthetic.
Lily Zenner
Available in 3 weeks
While I appreciate a most aesthetics, I find myself particularly drawn to eclectic and boho styles. I love blending patterns, textures, and rich colors to create a warm and energetic environment. However, I also have an affinity for using neutral monochrome color palettes to craft serene spaces, especially in rooms like bedrooms. I also enjoy the collaboration that happens when working with a client with a completely different aesthetic than mine!
Amanda Leather
Available in 4 weeks
I feel alive in spaces that are harmonious and stimulating. An environment that sparks a sense of curiosity and wonder. It’s my passion to create spaces that are inspiring.
Nicolle Tames
Available in 4 weeks
I'm a huge fan of designs that includes natural elements like wood, jute, cane, stone, glass and indoor plants. I love light and clean aesthetic styles that combine Scandinavian and Contemporary pieces but rooted in classical and traditional design because they create a meaningful and relaxing space.
Tatiana Hurtado
Available in 4 weeks
Even though my designs follow an eclectic style, I love incorporating organic pieces, pops of color and textures, that adapt depending on the environment and space. I focus on the client’s requirements to offer proposals according to their needs and contribute to create comfortable, functional and aesthetic proposals.
Tanner Arkfeld
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is transitional coastal. I enjoy blending elements of traditional and contemporary styles with coastal-inspired elements. Mixing timeless furniture pieces with natural textures, such as rattan and driftwood, creates a sense of relaxed elegance. I love incorporating soothing color palettes of blues and sandy neutrals, alongside airy fabrics and ocean-inspired accents, to evoke the serenity of coastal living while maintaining an inviting atmosphere.
Alyssa Gordon
Available in over a month
My favorite design aesthetic is timeless and cozy.
Deyanira Solis
Available in over a month
I really like cozy and modern designs like Midcentury Modern style but at the same, I like to match colors and create fun spaces. Eclectic designs make a place unique and wonderful too.