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We’re spending more time in our homes than ever before, and your home should be a place you feel good in — one that reflects who you are and puts you at ease. That’s why we’ve partnered with Poppy on an exclusive capsule collection of floral kits to complement any style. These Havenly X Poppy stems are especially curated to bring joy and beauty into your home, based on your unique aesthetic. Because we believe flowers are essential to a happy home.

If you don’t already know, Poppy is the modern florist. They buy directly from a core group of trusted farms their founder has personally visited to ensure the highest quality and the most ethical labor practices. They deliver a customer experience unique to the floral market — see for yourself

Casual Comfort — Homestead Arrangement

With an emphasis on warmth, comfort, and relaxation, this style relies on natural materials, cozy textures, and a neutral palette. Salvaged items, rustic wood, iron, greenery, and knits are employed to create a welcoming, homey vibe. 

Carry on the theme of warm hospitality with a relaxed floral arrangement that feels simultaneously classic and cheerful. The Homestead brings a modern pastoral vibe to your home with a mix of golden yellow and peach tones, lush prairie-inspired stems, and casual styling. Pairs well with a farmhouse table and apple pie.

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Desert Modern — Desert Rambler Arrangement

Mid-century modern meets simple scandinavian design. A light and desert-inspired dusty palette is accented with warm tones like tans, blush, or rust orange and natural finishes like rattan, cane, wood, and jute.

Keep the florals as cool, hip, and effortless as the design. The Desert Rambler features a variety of dried stems for a more enduring arrangement, borrowing inspiration from the desert itself. Crisp white pampas grass is contrasted with pops of bright yellow.

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Parisian Modern — Bon Vivant Arrangement

Luxe fabrics and ornate, sculptural elements meet sleek, contemporary lines. Bold patterns and rich color accents are juxtaposed with simple modern elements. This style mixes old and new in an eye-catching way.

This style is all about artful elegance, as should the florals. Bon Vivant is a curation of garden roses in romantic tones is accented by delicate and elongated stems. Add to any Parisian Modern room for a graceful finishing touch.

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Collected Cool — Wild Child Arrangement

Mixed textures, bold patterns, global influences, and vibrant colors make up this eclectic and collected style. A bohemian, layered, and personal approach to design lends to one-of-a-kind spaces that tell a story. 

With such a bold and care-free style, you need florals that tell the same story. Introducing Wild Child, a bright and vibrant selection of distinctive stems for a playfully original arrangement. Roses set the base, while wild thistle and charming billy balls add texture and flair.

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Warm Minimalism — Curated Calm Arrangement

A neutral and organic palette meets relaxed furniture to create a sense of lived-in simplicity. Pared down, edited, and artfully arranged decor shows restraint and recalls a wabi-sabi like imperfection where nothing feels too precious or too permanent.

The florals should capture the same spirit of minimalism and imperfect beauty. Curated Calm is a hand-curated selection of simple, yet structural, stems in a mix of neutral tones. Rather than an ornate arrangement, style in an asymmetrical form with accents of elongated stems for an unexpected and interesting silhouette. 

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Pacific Natural — Big Sur Arrangement

California-influenced, laid back style that feels welcoming and fresh. Light tones mix with cool colors like blues and greens, subtle pattern, and nature-infused decor to achieve this effortlessly cool look.

This style is all about keeping things natural and effortless, so we wanted to extend that same approach to the florals. The Big Sur features a lovely mixture of greenery for a lush and full arrangement that is simply stunning in an organic way. No need for fancy florals here, just a pop of snowberries for a little contrast.

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We hope you enjoy these design style inspired arrangements. We believe flowers are essential to a happy home—and bring a certain cheer we may need now more than ever.

Words by Alena Courtney