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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
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My favorite design aesthetic combines clean lines with natural and raw textures to create contrast in a minimal, clean environment. I love to give a fresh and relaxed feel to a room. My color palette usually includes warm off-whites, earthy tones, shades of gray, and a hint of black.
Dayan Meneses
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The taste for design changes along with the person who lives it, so I love clean lines while experimenting with colors and textures. Still, I love timeless and functional designs, so I can't resist the balance perfect between beauty and functionality.
Marcela Lopez
Available this week
I love to create unusual and personalized spaces with unexpected details, mixing glam and a clean aesthetic design to create a comfortable, familiar and stylish interior.
Nora Newbigging
Available this week
I am most drawn to neutral and natural palettes with pops of colors. I bring an international, modernistic, wabi-sabi aesthetic to home design. I am inspired by minimalistic designs that are highly functional and provide a peaceful and cozy home environment.
Victoria Lee
Available this week
I love eclectic designs that include heavy bohemian, glam, and midcentury modern influences, with touches of Scandinavian and vintage contemporary aspects.
Megan Bennion
Available this week
I adore mid-century modern, contemporary, and scandinavian aesthetics, especially when combining clean neutral tones and bold contrasts. Blending fun textures is also crucial to my designs to ensure a balanced and cohesive space without sacrificing character.
Estefania Alvarado Sanchez
Available this week
Mid-Century Modern is my favorite design aesthetic, elements of it include clean lines, organic curves, and muted tones. For the materials, we have wood, metal, glass, and manmade materials, and don't forget graphic strong shapes, textures, patterns, and my favorite element when I am designing: colors; white, black, and a pop of vibrant color. Wood is the go-to material for furniture to this style. The best part is that the furniture doesn’t even have to match exactly with each other.
Colleen Callahan
Available this week
I really enjoy bring harmony and balance to a space. Pulling in different colors, shapes, and pattern from the rest of the home to create a harmonious design is the sign of a complete home.
Veridiana Oliveira
Available this week
I love working with all design aesthetics, but my favorite design style is Mid Century Modern because it allows me to blend modern with retro-looking pieces, creating a fun and unique design.
Marianela Rossi
Available this week
My favorite styles are glam, scandinavian and bohemian.
Marcella Ortiz
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic is inclined toward the Minimal because I love its clean lines, its brightness, and its natural and organic nature. At the same time, you can create a warm space by adding cozy fabrics with different textures.
Kenidi Vogelgesang
Available this week
My favorite design aesthetic combines vintage, art deco, and classic modern. The heart of my style comes from an exploration of order and symmetry, with lines and geometry taking charge of the designs and compositions. Unique patterns, layered textiles, and bold curves or hard lines set off a play of form with aesthetics echoed in brass fittings, glossy paint, and lacquered wood. I like to keep interiors chic and timeless while adding as much of your personality as you see fit!
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