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With degrees from certified interior design programs around the country, and memberships and certifications like LEED and ASID, our online interior designers are here to help you create your dream home.
Lilia Aguirre
Available this week
One of my favorite design aesthetics is a contemporary look with a mix of textures, patterns, and neutral colors with statement pieces and bold accessories. I love adding greenery to any design that makes it feels warmer. I believe that all spaces have the potential to be functional and beautiful.
Maria Bernal
Available this week
I love a good mixture between styles, patterns, and materials. My ultimate favorite style is Midcentury Modern.
Juliana Cruz
Available this week
I love combining colors, textures, and pieces to make little pop-ups for every room. I think mid-century modern is the style that represents me the most, but I usually take a thing or two out of every style and make it into something I love.
Sofia Daniela Ayala De Leon
Available this week
I love simple and cozy design aesthetics, my favorites are bohemian and midcentury modern, I always find a way to create unique spaces that my clients really love. Regardless of the budget, I want my clients to feel that sense of peace and joy when they are in their homes.
Hannah Barcus
Available this week
My favorite design style is Midcentury Modern. I find warmth and comfort in this design style. I love the simple geometric lines, the emphasis on function, and the idea of bringing nature indoors.
Alison Alexander
Available this week
I love Bohemian/Scandinavian with a touch of glam as my personal style. The free lifestyle with neutrals and playing with color, while using lots of plants and greenery really feels like home to me. I lean toward the idea that your home and your style should be for you, not anyone else. And with kids, I like a more relaxed design style...which is the perfect definition of Bohemian!
Dayana Quintero
Available next week
A mix of these styles: Scandinavian - Industrial -Mid Century
Amanda Matvichuk
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is a combination of modern, farmhouse and bohemian. I really appreciate homemade and authentic items in a house, things with stories behind them and love to incorporate items with a meaning when creating a space in someone's home. With that being said I can also appreciate minimal, clean space and the beauty of simplicity but love pops of color and mismatched patterns all at the same time.
Maria Santos
Available next week
I love using vibrant colors, natural textures, and lightning. In Addition, developing concepts and achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics has always been my designing goal.
Hadasa Noguera
Available next week
Mid-Century is my favorite design aesthetics because it is never off fashion and its clean lines, warm color pallet and versatility allows to solve almost all design issues producing cozy space that almost every person likes.
Stephanie Boles
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is one that truly mixes all design styles. I can't say I have a true favorite, I am a designer and I love and appreciate them all! I believe a well-rounded space encompasses more than one style and by blending and mixing them is how you achieve a timeless design.
Mirella Solari
Available next week
I think that functionality it's the base of every design so I love to make sure that this first step it's the most important. After that, I like to use my knowledge to orient my clients keeping their own aesthetic so the result it's exactly what they have been looking for. Personally, I love to have clean lines as bases and then add items that bring color, and happiness and that mean something to the final user and light up the room.
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