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Classic interior design features natural colors, elegant fabrics and symmetry. Explore the interior designers who can bring classic style into your home.


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Classic Style

Paola Mercado
Available in 3 weeks
I'm all into a mix between Classic, Contemporary, and Farmhouse! But I don't really define my style by a specific one because I usually work with the perfect mix that can suit the client best. And not only the client but the space we already have. I love to work with neutrals and sometimes with color accents, layers of texture, and statement pieces! I adore working with clean shaped and functional objects that match the owner's personality and that stay true to the space.
Kimberly Whiting
Available in 4 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Classical or Classic. This design style stands the test of time and has a universal appeal. The principles of classical style align with my sensibilities around logic, reason, balance, and beauty. The focus is on selecting high-quality furniture and finishes, neutral and natural color palettes, balanced perspectives, and tried-and-true styles. The classic design aesthetic has an earned reputation for never going out of style!
Kaitlyn Michael
Available in 4 weeks
I don't believe I have any one favorite design style - I feel my personal style is a combination of multiple. I enjoy creating designs that are warm, inviting, and classic enough to never go out of style, while also including some trendy elements. I love organic shapes and materials that make every space feel unique, and a minimal look to allow every client to make each space their own.
Cecilia Juárez Alejandre
Available in 4 weeks
I love to create spaces that feel welcoming and bright but also cozy. My favorite design elements are light-filled rooms, colorful textiles, and natural-earthy textures with a touch of black.
Nicole Bretall
Available in over a month
I love an eclectic, unique space with a solid foundation of transitional and classic furniture pieces. Then personalize the space with touches of glam, coastal, preppy, bohemian, or any design style!
Jonica Klein
Available in over a month
Currently, I'm completely enthralled by a cozy, bohemian and global style. I've always been fascinated by mixing of textures and prints, but I'm so glad to see this style take off lately! To me, it makes even a modern space feel warm and homey. However, since I recently moved to Savannah, GA my own personal home is giving me a chance to fall in love with more coastal styling!
Megan Garcia
Available in over a month
My favorite design aesthetic blends modern pieces into classic spaces and adds splashes of boho. I like to marry styles together to blend effortlessly in the space. Why choose 1 style when you can create the perfect harmony of what you love?
Sofia Amador Perez
Available in over a month
I find that spaces that can bring harmony to our lives are what make us feel at home. I´m always using natural materials and looking for ways to bring natural light to spaces to create that homey feel! I strive to always find the balance between form and function and to make sure you can always feel comfortable in your space.
Paulina Garza M
Available in over a month
I love to design spaces that are transitional -- classical with touches of contemporary artworks and pieces. Neutral and timeless with touches of color.
Kylie Gashi
Available in over a month
My personal favorite design aesthetics include minimal, classic and transitional. More specifically, I love organic modern. However, I prefer when a room checks many style boxes and feels well collected and personalized. Each space should be as unique as its owner.
Meredith Luttrell
Available in over a month
I genuinely like a lot of different design styles! I love designing spaces that incorporate both contemporary and traditional elements, have clean lines but also a good dose of texture. I like to start with simple and timeless foundational furniture pieces and then layer in art, textiles, and accessories that really give a space it’s polish and style.
Daniela Leano
Available in over a month
I love the bohemian and Japandi styles in interior design. Mixing textures creates depth. Simple yet highly functional, they are perfect for a cozy, comfortable home.