Alder House

Mosaic Double Dresser
$1,869.00Back ordered.
Drake Arm Chair, Charcoal
$569.00Back ordered.
Martin Wing Chair, Pearl, Set of 2
$998.00Back ordered.
Bradley 2-Drawer Nightstand, Gray
$969.00Back ordered.
Parker Post Modern Sofa, Charcoal, 86"
$2,299.00Back ordered.
Tapestry Dining Chair, Taupe, Set of 2
$1,198.00Back ordered.
Carnegie Round Dining Table, 60"
$1,999.00Back ordered.
Harbor Club Chair, Pearl
$979.00Back ordered.
Tack Accent Table, Ivory
$289.00Back ordered.
Pawn Concrete Accent Table, Ivory
$199.00Back ordered.
Pawn Accent Table
$169.00Back ordered.
Mosaic Nightstand
$719.00Back ordered.
Mosaic Nightstand, Whitewash
$719.00Back ordered.
Atlas Media Sideboard, Gray Wash
$1,999.00Back ordered.
Adler Media Sideboard
$1,699.00Back ordered.
Stella Desk, White
$1,099.00Back ordered.
Holland Rattan End Table, White
$599.00Back ordered.
Holland Rattan Double Dresser, White
$2,129.00Back ordered.
Haven Lounge Slipcover Sofa, 95"
$2,299.00Back ordered.
Leone Club Chair, Pearl
$849.00Back ordered.
Gordon Club Chair, Charcoal
$719.00Back ordered.
Holland Media Sideboard
$1,949.00Back ordered.
Hayden Taper Arm Sofa, 95"
$1,999.00Back ordered.
Industry Round Dining Table, 60"
$1,399.00Back ordered.
Mosaic Nightstand, Gray Wash
$759.00Back ordered.
Roto Coffee Table, Large
$1,299.00Back ordered.
Maxwell Sofa, 89"
$1,599.00Back ordered.
Pier Accent Table, Gray Wash
$599.00Back ordered.